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首届墨池全国初中生模联大会School Students from the Whole Country
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2016年5月7日(周六),由成都七中初中学校与成都至简教育共同举办的首届墨池全国初中生模拟联合国大会正式召开! 来自成都七中初中...


    On May 7th, 2016, the first show of Model United Nations by No.7Middle School and “Simplicity” education union started. 
    All the students came from 6 Middle Schools include Chengdu Jinniu Experimental Middle School. The students acted as the representatives from different countries. They discussed international problems with a world vision.
    The chairmen of the Committee chose the best representative, the outstanding representative, the best speech and so on. Luo Dehua from Jinniu Experimental Middle School was nominated by United Nations General Assembly. Lin Zhiyuan and Liao Jian were nominated by Security Council.


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