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2014"picture me in Perth"
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the Unveiling Ceremony of “2014 Picture me in Perth”
2014 Picture me in Perth”-the Unveiling Ceremony was held in Chengdu Jinniu Experimental Middle School
On June 20th, 2014, the Unveiling Ceremony of “2014 Picture me in Perth” was held at Chengdu Jinniu Experimental Middle School. This activity was co-hosted by Chengdu Foreign Affairs office, Chengdu Bureau of Education, Western Australia Education Promotion Agency, and the City Government of Perth. The guests from Chengdu and Australia attended the activity.
The ceremony started at 10am, by Mr Zhong Laizhao, the deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Office.
First, Mr Zhong introduced the guests. From China, there are eight leaders from different apartments of the Bureau and head teachers from different schools including Mr He Rong from Chengdu Bureau of Education, who is the member of the Party group of Chengdu and also the director of Admissions office. From Australia, nine people attended the ceremony. They are by the led of director of Western Australia State Education Promotion Agency Mr Mike Ryan (Mr Mike Ryan), Australia's Consul General Guo Nancy (Ms Nancy Gordon). People from each high school in charge of the leadership and Jinniu experimental Middle School thesis part on behalf of the teachers and students to participate in the activities.
钟副主任首先介绍了参会嘉宾。中方出席的代表有成都市教育局党组成员、市招办主任何荣等区、市、校领导一行8人,澳方出席的有西澳大利亚州教育推广署署长麦克·雷恩先生(Mr Mike Ryan)、澳大利亚驻蓉总领事郭南希女士(Ms Nancy Gordon)等一行9人。金牛区各中学分管领导及金牛实验中学部分师生代表参加了该活动。

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